Lighting Up the Home Exterior Utilizing Suitable Craftsman Style Outdoor Lighting

Craftsman lighting also refers to mission style lighting is a distinctive American style illuminating accessory which has been a part of human lifestyle for more than centuries. With mechanical and technical evolvements, however, for today’s style conscious new generation, craftsman style outdoor lighting is ready to harmonize with colonial, traditional, or contemporary home exterior patterns. In the race of sophisticated outdoor chandeliers and pendent lightings, the demand of craftsman style lights is always at the peak point due to their modesty, coolness, and affordability.

If you’re intended to highlight the beauty of home’s exterior right from entrance to patio, great landscapes, or backyard, consider utilizing most suitable craftsman style outdoor lighting that complements the setting. With wide range, the lighting tool is available from simple to elaborate series to bring together a dramatic change. Thus, their diversity available online makes it vital for you to consider the whole purpose of installing the unique series of lights. For instance, do you want them simply with decorative intend or they should be used to include safety? With a prior groundwork, the whole purpose of buying is likely to be judicious.

Pick Reasonable Sizes

Size of the lighting is an important factor since your intend is illuminating your patio, backyard or landscapes that typically don’t need much lighting like your interior. However, depending on the setting type and your purpose of lighting you can pick the appropriate size for brightening your driveway, walkway, surrounding of swimming pool and landscapes. For example, two small identical craftsman style lanterns on the either side of the entryway can make your home warmly inviting while a series of craftsman style outdoor lighting fitted in equal distance adjacent to the walkways or poolside will flatter your status and boost safety.

Choose Relevant Colors

Akin to your interior, when it comes to exterior illumination, buyers need to go with the shade of the exterior wall and setting to decide the colors of the lighting fixtures. Some available colors of craftsman style outdoor lighting include black, bronze, and golden, earthy that looks great. It is not mandatory that the fixture color should blend with the elements of your outdoor; however by choosing contrast shades, you can make them equally appealing and trendy.

Go with the Style

When effective use craftsman style outdoor lighting you can zip up a cool, stunning, and inviting feel to your abode, be it modern or boasts an European pattern, costal clapboards or traditional type. Look for distinguished producers wherefrom you can get the right quality construction with great exterior materials featuring with era finishing lantern, scones and post lamps.

Durability Matters

Who can neglect the vitality of buying hard-wearing lighting fixtures especially when it comes to exterior lighting tools? Instead of buying cheap quality item, go for well-built fixtures that are well treated, oxidation resistive to keep them away from rusting. Electroplated brass finished lighting fixtures are extremely strong, robust and offers high standard of quality standard.

Consider LEDs/Watts 

While fluorescent and incandescent lights are quite brighter, with today’s LED lights you can literally fetch same output while they are more resilient and energy-efficient. Depending on your need, you can choose fluorescent lights too. If you go for fluorescent, consider wattage of the tools since that increases your utility bill. As per necessary, consider having higher wattage for driveways, walkways which need more light. Choosing lights with dimmer and sensor is a good trick to minimize bill.

Select Casing Glass

Craftsman style outdoor lighting is available in regular glass, frosted and decorative pane casings. There is a misconception that regular glasses emit brighter light, nevertheless, new generation loves boasting their exterior with frosted class since they not only mute intensity of light but by softening basically covers an extended part. They look great, cool, and easy to maintain when used in outdoors.

Attractive and Elegant Fixtures from Seagull Lighting Pendants

Our brand is well-known for its quality and wide range of pendant lights. No other company has been able to match our record to match our wide range of decorative designer lighting pendants. Seagull Pendant lights range from centerpiece type pendant, large glass bowls to smaller accent pendants. Whatever be your need, Seagull has every kind of pendant to satisfy your need. Whether you are looking for pendant light over a table for a more casual look compared to chandeliers or you are looking for a pendant light over a bar top, or a row of pendants to illuminate your hallway, we have all solutions for you at Seagull lights. We offer a solution to every interior need.

The first its kind Kerrville collection pendants by Seagull embraces the modern design. It features tubular steel arms, which extend outward to present a beautiful tapered glass shades. In this collection we offer, one light, two lights, or three Seagull lighting pendants. All our pendants have LED Lamping system and are certified with an Energy Star logo. It is highly efficient at low energy consumption.

The next of its kind is the Hanging globe collection. This timeless Leo global collection has been around for more than 50 years. These are our classic pendant lights which offer unlimited variations for hanging light illumination. They are offered with a tempered glass covering with satin aluminum finish. They are damp compliant and can be used in bathrooms, covered porches or damp environment.

The Jeyne collection by Seagull offers a historical barn light form. These beautifully handcrafted bronze and copper finish one light pendants are perfect to add beauty to any place. They too come with LED lamps and is energy saving.

Towner collection by Seagull brings to you three, five or seven light chandelier like lights. They offer retro style to traditional styles of lighting. They come in bronze nickel and satin bronze finishing. They are Energy Star qualified LED lamping system. They are ideal for room lightning and living room.

Our latest collection of Chautauqua pendants has raw steel girders. They have remarkable Antique Bronze or stardust finish. The Chautauqua collections have an assortment of one- light mini pendants or four- light pendants. They come with Energy Star logo and LED lamping system.

The Belton collection is one-light mini pendant influenced by the vintage designs of the 20th century. It has seeded glass shades. They have brushed and bronze nickel finishing which adds to its retro design. They have energy saving LED lamping system etched to it.

Our Towner collection also brings retro style which makes a bold statement to accent any space in your house. The conical light shades textured with cloth cords deliver a beautiful lighting atmosphere. It lights up your house. It comes with Brushed nickel finish and is Energy Star Qualified.

Our Oslo Collection offers a sleek design with smooth finish. They come in chrome, brushed nickel and textured blacksmith finish. It includes nine, five and three light chandeliers. They are also Energy Star certified.

Last but not the least our Seagull Laurel Collection. It includes 15 light, nine-light, five light and three light chandeliers. They meet the title 24 Energy efficiency standards.

At Seagull lightning, we promise the highest level of quality in our products. We strive to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction.

We guarantee to provide you with the lowest price. We at Seagull Lighting accept payments in all forms. We accept American Express, Mastercard and visa.  We also accept personal cheque and business cheques. Seagull offers free shipping for all its products. Within one day of placing your order, you will receive an initial order status email.

Seagull lightning puts the customers first. If you receive damaged or defective goods, we will assist you in replacing your order within 10 days. Make sure that all products are retained in their original packing to initiate a faster return procedure.

We also offer custom made –to- order products for your needs. You can customize your order according to your needs and we will do the needful for you.

Our wide range of lightings, with low price guarantee and high quality and easy shipping and return policy we strive to fulfil all your needs.

Get Perfect Lighting Solution at Online Lighting Stores

Are you looking for the perfect lighting fixture for your home? Search for lighting stores online and get the best lighting solution for your home. The right lighting store can help you get the tranquillity you want. If you choose the right lighting shop, you can get an outstanding combination of price, free shipping and customer service. Opt for a renowned company thriving in the market for more than a decade. Now, what are the top things you will search in the lighting stores? Finest manufacturers offer floor lamps, table lamps and lighting fixtures. Get the best light that will illuminate your home in an unforgettable fashion. Whether it’s rustic light, wrought iron light, classic light or transitional light, go for the one that will make your home look stylish. If you want to keep yourself cool with light, you can opt for a new wall sconce. Moreover, if you like to enliven your dining space, you may choose a brilliant new chandelier. There are different types of indoor lights that can illuminate your home in a bright way. You may also look for kitchen lighting solution to illuminate a breakfast nook in a nice way. Browse through the various collections of mini chandeliers and pendants that can do the trick. On the other hand, if you are searching for outdoor light, opt for a stunning selection of post lights, outdoor sconces as well as porch lights. Whenever you are searching for the perfect classic outdoor light, make sure to check out some of the wonderful selection of onion lights. You can also try coach lanterns. Some of the handmade lighting fixtures are the finest light fixtures available. Often, the wonderful copper and brass light fittings embody a handmade lighting fixture.

Let’s now check out the illuminations from lighting stores that can bring out the splendor in your home:

 Chandeliers – You can add beauty to your home with chandeliers. Wide arrays of styles are available, including crystal trimmed, polished brass, wrought iron finish and a lot more. Whatever may be the option you select, a chandelier can enhance the look of your entrance hall in an outstanding way. Starting from mini chandelier to graceful grand, the chandelier can perfectly enliven your dear ones. This illumination can add grace to your home from the entrance hall to the main dining space. You may choose conventional, transitional, contemporary as well as rustic style with sleek finishes. Multi-light chandeliers can also be chosen to set the right mood for your décor.

 Pendants – If you want to decorate your kitchen or dining area in an exclusive finesse, you may opt for pendants from lighting stores. Whether it’s contemporary, casual or classic, the pendants can enhance your décor in an unforgettable fashion. You can get a wide array of options from art glass to metallic shades. Opt for mini, small and medium pendants and decorate your home in an exclusive style.

 Wall Sconces – You may also buy wall sconces to offer illumination as an accent or a focal point along your path. You can make use of sconces inside and outside. Opt for various shapes, sizes, finishes and glass as per your budget and make your room a beguiling focal point to your guests. The illuminations can be made elaborate and simple as per your requirement. Picture lights for framed images are also available to bedeck your room. You can use light sconce inside or outside your house. However, the choice is entirely yours about whether you will choose a traditional or a contemporary one. Moreover, if you are interested in dramatic light, you can have four to six light sconces for your bathroom. Several illuminations are available online. So, opt for the one that will add magic to your room and enjoy your illumination for years to come.

 Table Lamps – Table lamps are great additions to your home décor. Take a look at the assortment of table lamps from a leading light manufacturer and spruce up your home in a wonderful way. You may look for a durable and adjustable work lamp and perk up your space. Slim line LED and functional pharmacy lamps can also be ordered online. The task and desk lamps can be fitted as per your requirement. Different types of finishes are available online such as burnished steel, brushed stainless as well as polished nickel.

So, why are you waiting for? Choose one of the best lighting stores and smarten up your home with colorful and exclusive design.

Choose Minka Lavery Pendants to Enhance the Indoors

Create Your Own Interior Decoration Plan

It is indeed a brilliant idea to create your own plan for making the interiors of your residence shine. This is better than taking professional help for the same. You can be more realistic, because it is for your own personal requirement and so you can design a pragmatic plan that suits your needs and the set budget. An outsider will not be so keen like you to phase in extra convenience and functionality inside your residence, by staying within your budget. Therefore, it’s better to create your own interior decoration plan; of course, you will need expert hands for executing the same.

Take Lighting Task Seriously

Lighting a building is a major task, and you cannot afford to make mistakes here; if you do create some, then that will certainly make the charm of the overall indoor décor mediocre. One of the key things that you will have to take care while lighting a building is to select proper and good-quality lighting fixtures. However, this will be possible only when you buy the same from established traders.

The Usage of Pendants Has Become Extensive

Pendants have become the attractive lighting fixtures these days, and they come in varied styles and designs. One key attraction of pendant lighting is that, you can fix them at almost all spaces unlike chandeliers. This becomes handy for the users, as they can use them in even place of chandeliers. Moreover, they are easy on the pocket, when compared with the elegant looking chandeliers. However, you must make certain to buy creatively designed and fully functional pendants like Minka Lavery pendants. Such pendants will provide extra magnificence to the place where you hang them. Nevertheless, you should select the style and shade of the pendants in agreement with the prevailing style of the room. You can use pendants not only above the bar top, in the kitchen island, or in the lobby area, but also nearly all spaces within your residence. You can find different model pendants with varied designs and colors. Wherever you hang, for sure, the overall ambience will get a face-lift.

Minka Lavery Lighting Fixtures

The Minka Group is one of the pioneers as far as the decorative lighting industry is concerned. Years of experience have made them true leaders and the management clearly focuses in introducing novel models periodically. The company manufactures top-quality lighting products that excel both in artistry and functionality, the two top features that make a product worthy. The name ‘Minka Lighting’ is has become a practical metonym of quality lighting fixtures. You can find exclusive fixtures under this brand, created using diverse materials such as aluminum, wood, solid brass, wrought iron, and resin. This brand is popular for the ‘style-oriented’ and ‘valued lighting’ features. The Minka Lavery lighting products include chandeliers, pendants, table lamps, sconces, flush mounts, etc. The most interesting matter is that you can find excellent finishes such as ‘deep flax bronze’, ‘nutmeg’, ‘provencal blanc’, ‘vintage cheshire gold’, etc. This will give you the option to choose the exactly matching ones for your indoor décor.

Minka Lavery Pendants

The cuteness and splendor of Minka Lavery pendants is great, and you can fix them even in the main areas of your house, including the living room and bedrooms. The availability of different shapes and sizes with different lighting capacities makes this brand special. In general, under this brand, there are mini pendants, large pendants, medium pendants, and island pendants. You can find very conventional and extremely modern ones, and this will add up your convenience.

Buy Minka Lavery Pendants from Popular Merchants

The popularity of traders comes only with time and with the continued interaction with the customers. Hence, for becoming established merchants, it is imperative that all companies have years and years of trading experience. In short, to assess the accepted nature and reliability of a merchant, you can take the overall experience of the company concerned into consideration. Considering this, it will be always sensible on your part to buy all of your lighting fixtures, including the pendants, from traders who possess decades of customer service experience. This is the practical way to make sure that you are getting flawless products. Moreover, as all leading merchants will have ample stock of different models of different companies, you will get that extra benefit of choosing the perfectly fitting fixtures for your need. As there will be a good collection of products, under the tags of contemporary and traditional styles, the buyers will have less effort in picking the right ones. Apart getting quality products, you will also get good trade discounts and customer-friendly terms like the ‘easy return’, and free packing and shipping.

Hubbardton Forge Sconces: The Swing Arm and Pin Up Collections

Located in Vermont, Hubbardton Forge has been creating incredible light fixtures for 40 years and continue to intrigue and blow our minds with their new launches and creations. The ‘Modern American Blacksmiths’, as they call themselves, have been pushing a lot of boundaries and expanding in every direction possible to give birth to modern concepts and design concepts with élan and performance. Their dedicated team of skilled artisans is driven by design and pursue excellence. And their sconces reflect their unparalleled craftsmanship in every aspect.

Their sconce collections are many, for both outdoors and indoors. Wall and bathroom sconces are a specialty of Hubbardton Forge as each piece stands out with its own persona. Installing any of these will not just radiate the room with light but also bring in character and finesse. The swing arm and pin up sconce collection has more functionality to them as they can be extended or turned to another side or angle for focused direction of light.

Simple Swing Arm Direct Wire Wall Sconce:

A traditionally designed sconce from Hubbardton Forge that celebrates the past and reminds us of our roots is what this model is all about. The sconce comprises of a drum shaped shade that is like a table lamp shade and a double swing arm at the bottom. This can even be fixed near a bed or a chair that one usually uses for reading that provides efficient light with its 100W incandescent bulb. The finishes available are Mahogany, Black, Burnished Steel, Bronze, Dark Smoke, and Natural Iron. The shade options include Natural Flax, Linen, Black, Natural Anna, Doeskin Suede, Terra Suede, Eclipse Micro Suede, and Black Parchment.

Swing Arm Wall Sconce:

Very much like the Simple version, this model has twin sets of parallel curved bars that allows the user to use a variety of projection and extension choices. This light fixture is another option to install in case you dislike lamps or have insufficient floor space as they can be fixed at a convenient height and create focused task lighting. It works with a 100W incandescent bulb and can be ordered in either left-side or right-side orientation. The available finishes and shade options are the same as the Simple Swing Arm model.

Forged Bar Swing Arm Wall Sconce:

This transitional one-light wonder from Hubbardton Forge is hand crafted and consist of a tube and small steel rod and another steel band is attached to support the shape of the sconce. Much like the previous variants, the metal band is projected from a metal place that need to be fixed on the wall when installed and is brilliant in illuminating a room when kept in pairs. The Forged Bar Swing Arm wall sconce can be purchased in finishes just like the Simple Swing Arm wall sconce, however, only four shade options are available, namely Natural Flax, Natural Anna, Doeskin Suede, and Eclipse Micro Suede. Fix this in a corner where furniture is arranged in an angular fashion that makes reading time even more enjoyable.

Arc Sconce:

This is the pin up variant from Hubbardton Forge is shaped as a drooping flower consisting of a thin metal straight rod that bends outwards and the shade is attached at the hanging end focusing light downwards. The shape of the shade is very much like the traditional night lamps, and comes in several shade options like Cork, Spun Frost, Spun Amber, Natural Flax, Natural Linen, Natural Anna, Doeskin Suede, Terra Suede, and Eclipse Micro Suede. With the same finishes like the previous models, it is most suited in the bedroom, especially near the bed as the height can be adjusted as per your convenience.


Just like its name, this Hubbardton Forge sconce are designed with inspiration from the western industrial age and can effortlessly blend in both rustic and contemporary homes. This is a special variant as it is hand crafted with most of earth’s natural resources like glass, copper, hardwood and forged metalwork. With the same finishes, it can illuminate a room with a 60W incandescent bulb. The raw design is sure to capture eyeballs and brings back function in a bold way.

Best Table Lamps from Hubbardton Forge

If you are on the lookout for a table lamp, this article is for you. Hubbardton Forge is one of America’s oldest and largest forges operating today.

About the Company

Driven by brilliant designs and powered by skillful craftsmen, Hubbardton Forge has grown to be a leading lighting brand in the US from its humble beginnings 40 years ago. The company people call themselves America’s Modern Blacksmiths and there is a strong reason behind. In the times of mass production and automation, Hubbardton Forge is a very unique company that still manufactures handcrafted light fixtures that have been etched to perfection by many craftsmen. Before a product is released by the company, it is given the utmost individual attention and checked for quality and durability.

As mentioned above, the company is mainly design driven and boasts of an incredible team of designers who come up with unique and interesting light fixtures. These designers take inspirations from everywhere- the natural world, sculptures, architecture and their own innate sense of form and function. Though the company doesn’t believe in taking short cuts and depends on handcrafted products, it also uses advanced manufacturing techniques and equipment to ensure that quality and modernity is maintained. The company manufactures a wide array of products including chandeliers, pendants, mini pendants, semi flush, wall sconces, outdoor lights, accessories, floor and table lamps. This article will only focus on attractive fixtures by Hubbardton Forge and briefly introduce few of their best products.

Following is a list of the best Hubbardton Forge table lamps that have been released in the market. Each lamp is unique from the rest in terms of its design and make. Here’s a brief description on each of them.

• Cavaletti

This table lamp is inspired from a cavaletti that’s used to support and bar horses jump during competitions. Each bar piece used in this particular table lamp is created from heated steel square bars that are drawn out by hand to taper at the end. Once these pieces attain the desired shape, they are interlinked with another manually. A cavaletti table lamp is available in various finishes like mahogany, bronze, black, burnished steel etc. and various shades like doeskin suede, terra suede, natural anna, flax etc.

• Pluto

This table lamp has an interesting story behind it. Back in 2006, when Pluto was demoted from a planet to a dwarf planet, the designers of Hubbardton Forge disagreed with the demotion and designed this glass table lamp in Pluto’s support. The lamps come with both LED and incandescent variants and designed such that the light bulb is shielded by a glass orb from above. The glass orb is a physical representation of their support towards Pluto and is made from either clear glass or opal glass.

• Balance Vintage Platinum

This model is geometrically the most intriguing table lamp. Lines, angles and an orb of steel make up the entire structure and offer a unique perspective to table lamps. Very contemporary and minimal in its look and feel, the balance vintage table lamp has a platinum shade and is available in burnished steel and natural steel finishes. Only LED lighting is available in this variant and the LED bulb comes with a dimming feature.

• Almost Infinity

This fine piece is rightly named “Almost Infinity” since it is shaped to look like a vertical infinity symbol. This lamp is carefully handcrafted to achieve the graceful sweeping curves which make the infinity symbol. The lamp is made from hand forged steel and is available in mahogany, dark smoke and bronze finishes. Both incandescent and LED lighting is available for this table lamp.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are many other beautiful Hubbardton Forge lighting solutions in the market. A few of them are named as follows- Antasia, Stasis, Forged Leaves and Vase, Metamorphic, Metra Double, Cityscape, Manifold, Erlenmeyer, Lino, Moreau and Gallery Single Twist.

Modern Light Fixtures from Minka Lavery

Homeowners often face a challenge when buying artisanal lighting fixtures- the time taken to fulfil each customer’s order is high because of custom manufacturing and the range is often restricted to a few pieces, forcing the buyer to mix and match between different fixtures. The answer therefore is to find a manufacturer of lighting fixtures that has a wide range of high-quality products that are available easily for buyers from the store or warehouse. Minka Lavery is one of the premium makers of lighting products in America. The firm maintains high quality in its products while also manufacturing them in large quantities. Other than certain custom pieces like chandeliers, the rest of this outfit’s range is easily available at premier lighting stores all over America. The products are made available as ranges with common design language, so each series will have chandeliers, pendants and sconces which go well with each other. Buyers can decorate entire rooms with the different variants in each range and maintain that uniform look which is so highly prized in interior décor.

Minka Lavery is part of the Minka Group of companies based out of California. The Group comprises of brands like George Kovacs Lighting in collaboration with the famed designer as well as Minka Aire, the ceiling fan maker. The Group has grown both organically by extending its original product lines, as well as inorganically by partnerships and acquisitions of designer lighting brands. With a robust delivery infrastructure, the Group has a reach all over the United States. Minka Lavery specializes in upscale interior lighting made with brass, bronze, glass and ceramic. Let’s take a look at the different product types offered by the outfit:


Minka Lavery Chandeliers are classified by size as Grand, Large, Medium and Small. The Grand chandeliers showcase ornate multi-level designs with high end materials like crystal being used to add a touch of elegance. These chandeliers are suitable for ballrooms, atria and manor halls as a centerpiece for the lighting décor. Buyers can choose from Atterbury (12-light), Aston Court (12 and 21-light model) and Bellasera (15-light). The grand chandeliers are available in deep bronze and walnut color shades. Large chandeliers are suitable for the main rooms of large houses. Minka Lavery offers options starting from eight lights going all the way up to 12 lights stacked on multiple levels on the fixture. Raiden range shows definite Asian influences with lightly curving arms and iron oxide finish. Paradox is a beautiful wrought iron- tree-style chandelier without a prominent central column. Aston Court, Atterbury and Bellasera offer more conventional designs. Minka Lavery’s medium-sized chandeliers are great for upscale bungalows. Some of the prominent ranges are Clarte, City Club, Harvard Court and Downtown Edison. These chandeliers are more minimalistic compared to conventionally designed chandeliers and they use the structural elements for the visual impact. Ranges like Salon Grand and Series 9 offer options for buyers who would like to play it safe. Small Chandeliers are suitable for modern houses as replacements for pendant lights. Buyers can choose from Belcaro, Downtown Edison and Nanti among others.


Minka Lavery Pendants are useful to have when lighting up niches, small dining areas or kitchen spaces. They can be used to draw attention to artwork or statuary and can be used singly or in sets. Depending on size, pendants are available in mini, small and large categories. While mini pendants are single-light fixtures, small and large pendants have multiple light sources. Island pendants are an interesting variant on the usual design. Unlike chandeliers which arrange multiple lamps concentrically around a central column, island pendants have the lamps arranged along a horizontal column. They are best suited for lighting kitchen areas and home bar top counters.  Downtown Edison range has a very minimalistic island pendant design which eliminates the shades and superficial elements of conventional designs while using the lamps and spine as decorative elements.

Ceiling Mounted Lights

Ceiling mounted lights are best suited for down lighting. They can be used in low rooms and vestibules where a hanging light might cause a safety hazard. Minka Lavery offers both flush and semi-flush ceiling mounted lights in its different product ranges.

Exquisite Wrought Iron Chandelier Range from Hubbardton Forge

The story of this designer lighting brand began more than four decades ago. Since then it continued to grow in popularity by producing design-driven, US made, handcrafted designer lights that could fit into any luxury interior ambience. With environmentally responsible practices and energy efficient options, Hubbardton Forge is now one of the most sought after illumination products. When it comes to metal or wrought iron chandeliers, you cannot find a more gorgeous one than provided by Hubbardton Forge.

Characteristic design and built typical of Hubbardton Forge

Hubbardton Forge is one of the most design savvy lighting brands made in the US. The emphasis on quality, durability and design elements are the strengths of this Vermont based light brand. It is widely acclaimed for its hand-crafted product lines offer an overwhelming range of choices. All lighting fixtures of this reputed brand are hand-forged using mostly raw metal and wrought iron. Besides offering a wide range of lighting products, the brand also has a wide array of customized options including metal finishes, glass-shades and twist of colors. They offer lighting fixtures characteristic of contemporary, fusion and traditional styles.

The visual aspects of chandeliers

Chandeliers grab instant attention. For many design savvy homemakers there is no better way to decorate a room than with Hubbardton Forge chandeliers. Taking artistry, craftsmanship and exclusive design to new heights, chandeliers can offer a variety of interior ambient lighting options. Today, with the addition of modern designs, chandeliers are available in a wide variety of designs, styles and materials. Chandeliers are no longer an expensive affair for decorating mansions and palaces. There are stylish designer chandeliers for every budget, choice and decorative requirements.

Exquisite Wrought Iron Chandelier Range from Hubbardton Forge

Why choose wrought iron for your chandelier?

Wrought iron, thanks to its acclaimed durability, toughness and modern look, can be an ideal material for chandeliers. Compared to most other metals, wrought iron lighting fixtures can last for years. Especially if you stay near the ocean with more exposure to salty air or in a place with increasing air pollution level, wrought iron fixtures can be saved from damage. Most Hubbardton Forge lighting fixtures are tested in different weather conditions to ensure their durability and strength to prevent decay. As far as style is concerned, wrought iron with its typical matte finish fuses both traditional elegance and a hint of cool indifference in its look.

Hubbardton Forge manufacturing process

In the below mentioned overview we will see how from the design stage to the final product development, manual and artistic craftsmanship plays a huge role in building wrought iron chandeliers ( and other lighting fixtures.

1.  The designer team will produce the design of the chandelier and provide a detailed layout and sketch.

2.  The manufacturing team according to the layout and dimensions cuts raw iron sheet into appropriate sizes.

3.  The raw iron pieces then are soldered together by expert craftsmen as per the design of the fixture.

4.  The soldered wrought iron body is then put into a forge in order to soften the iron for further working on it.

5.  Following the forging process, the iron material is taken to a twisting machine and molded into different shapes.

6.  The iron fixture is then cleaned with the help of a bead blasting.

7.  Following cleaning through bead blasting, the iron fixture is taken to a vibrating machine fitted with ceramic stones for delivering a smooth finish.

8.  Now the iron tubes are welded together to produce the designed fixture.

9.  At this point a powder coating is sprayed over the chandelier fixture and put into oven for a stronger finish.

10.  When the finished chandelier fixture is ready lights and ornamental elements like glasses are fitted on it by craftsmen.

Iconic product line and master craftsmanship

With a manufacturing facility in a small Vermont town, only 225 people are employed to produce a classy and iconic range of lighting fixtures revered all over the world for their exquisite look, feel and quality. The design and development process which involves craftsmanship of skilled artisan and designers is a manual one. This is why each lighting fixture of this brand looks so different from any other machine produced average line of products.  For years it is the passion filled craftsmanship that has produced such stupendous excellence across the product range.

Brighten up Outdoor Spaces with Northeast Lantern Fixtures

Northeastern Lantern from New Hampshire has played a big role in bringing back Colonial style lighting fixtures to homes all over America. The firm still makes its products from hand cut metal sheets and fine glass. Colonial Revival lighting is inspired by the mariners and farmers of New England in the 17th century. Smiths used bronze and brass to craft durable and functional lamps for use on the high seas by whalers and trading crews. With modern manufacturing techniques and a high degree of customization, these lamps have won over buyers because of their reliability and style. A characteristic of this type of lighting are the ring on the top of the fixture for fixing the mounting hook and a strong metal base for resting the lantern on a table or wall. Buyers can choose from hand applied metal finishes like raw brass, pewter and slate. Glass options include clear glass, seedy clear and seedy marine glass. We go through the product range on offer for home buyers:

Onion Lights

The story of Colonial Revival lighting is incomplete without mentioning onion lights. These lights were first used by whaling crews to light up the sea around them on expeditions. These lights were shaped to throw light in all directions, with a globe shaped glass area and a brass top and base. The top was fitted with a ring, where a hook on a chain or rod could be placed. The glass of the old onion lamps used to be thick because of limitations in glassmaking. Circular rings protected the glass from breakage without obstructing the light. The cylindrical metal base would ensure the lamp could be rested on a table by itself. Northeast Lantern has a full-fledged Onion Light collection where the iconic design has been adapted for use as ceiling mounts, hanging lights, post mounted lights and wall sconces. Buyers can choose the metal finish and type of glass.

Onion Lights

Post Mounted Lights

Post mounted lights add to the ambience of a well-appointed garden. As these lights are quite visible because of their height, buyers often select fixtures with pleasing design and efficient light throw. The pole is not included with the purchase. Some of the popular model ranges are Adams, Barn and Lodge. Adams lights have a vintage design with an X shaped or H-shaped protective metal bars. The lights take single or multiple candelabra bulbs. The Barn series has designs that bring back the oil lit lamps of the pre-electrical age. They have a fine bronze finish. The Lodge series of post mounted lights has distinct California Mission Revival influences with thick lines, gently pointed roof and semi-transparent shade.

Post Mounted Lights

Hanging Lights

Hanging lights or pendants are compact but perfect for drawing attention of guests. They are mounted to a base and connected by a rod or chain, depending on the design. Onion lights have been adapted as pendants by Northeast Lantern, echoing their earlier use for both marine and domestic purposes. Other fine collections are Filmore, Heal and Sharon. With options for incandescent lamps and candelabras, these lights do a fine job of mimicking candlelight while being completely safe for domestic use.

Hanging Lights

Ceiling Mounted Lights

Northeast Lantern’s outdoor ceiling mounted lights are suitable for spaces with low ceilings where a hanging light might not be convenient. The classic onion lights have been adapted as semi flush fixtures by the firm, with one-light and two-light options being available. Flush ceiling mounted lights with straight line design are grouped under the Williams range. Metal finishes and glass appearance can be customized while ordering.

Ceiling Mounted Lights

Wall Sconces

Outdoor wall sconces are very practical because they can be mounted easily compared to hanging lights. The classic designs can be melded with modern convenience as well. Northeast Lantern has adapted the 18th century designs very well for sconces. The size is just right for installation and the lamps can be easily accessed with thumbscrews and stops. Some of the in demand ranges are Barn Series, Filmore and Empire. The pieces can be customized with special metal finishes and glass options, depending on the customer’s preferences.

Wall Sconces

Dining Room Chandeliers – Regal Regalia

A sumptuous meal is almost boring without the right dining accessories, a perfectly laid table and correct lighting. Amazingly well designed chandeliers for the dining room, offer layer lighting, these can be a spread that extra radiance to your feasting spaces. An attentively made and astutely arranged combination of chandeliers, candelabras, décor candles and other crystal fixtures clubbed up with a stately dinner service, denote an impression for an excellent meal time, at an exotic dining space; effective enough, that the setting cannot be overlooked! Marvelous table tops & satisfying centerpieces in combination with extremely attractive chandeliers on the ceiling, have always been a favorite.

From crystal expressions to metallic compositions, the outlandish chandeliers acquire a special place in your dining room. Lending an extravagant appeal and a superb feel to any stylistic layout, the ultra-modern and stylish chandeliers have dependably been productive in offering correct lighting to your abodes. Giving an essentially outstanding flair to your dining space, these chandeliers are just astonishing. No other stylistic layout item is decently as rich as the finely crafted modern pieces of the home décor lighting fixture called, chandelier. These meticulously crafted and thoughtfully curated lighting accessories, ooze splendid, brilliant shimmer when lighting is split into layers with chandeliers brightening the top, the sconces lighting up the walls and the stylish candles, lighting up the dining table or the corners. Nothing stands as impeccable and astonishing, as the artistic finesse & signature décor marked by this high-class creation.

Chandeliers that adorn the dining rooms, exhibit and radiate an imperial charm that is truly remarkable. You can likewise pick one of the wonders from the wide assortment of chandeliers online for a tasteful vintage statement! Different masterpieces made to flawlessness shine, these sparkly gem-like lighting fixtures, trimmed with metallic finishes, completes the antique or rustic look. An embodiment of remarkable workmanship and heart winning imagination, the contemporary chandeliers are designed to fuse in the antique charm with modern design. Meant to curate an incomparable superb appeal and luxuriousness proposed by these objects of craftsmanship, the chandeliers are ideal for the ones who wish to unwind in the lap of extravagance and lavishness.

The present contemporary time has developed into the period of communicating the sheer assessments of the heart in the most imaginative and rich way. Be it any event, occasion or association, the fitting famous course of action, is to encourage the center of any space. Chandelier’s work in the best possible manner, totally enhancing the appearance of your space and changing it into extremely uncommon surrounds. Not simply the glowing source, they have turned into the eminent bits of craftsmanship with rich outlines, themes, surfaces and artistry which rise above the common lighting fixtures. It offers the complete scope to glorify and light up your dining spaces, while adding a dimension of beauty, depth and character to any space. Available in various designs, each of these are can adorn any sort of home décor setting. Make your dining room into a special meal zone, with the use of these attractive chandeliers that offer bewitching sentiment and glimmer that is sure to attract compliments from your guests.