Best Table Lamps from Hubbardton Forge

If you are on the lookout for a table lamp, this article is for you. Hubbardton Forge is one of America’s oldest and largest forges operating today.

About the Company

Driven by brilliant designs and powered by skillful craftsmen, Hubbardton Forge has grown to be a leading lighting brand in the US from its humble beginnings 40 years ago. The company people call themselves America’s Modern Blacksmiths and there is a strong reason behind. In the times of mass production and automation, Hubbardton Forge is a very unique company that still manufactures handcrafted light fixtures that have been etched to perfection by many craftsmen. Before a product is released by the company, it is given the utmost individual attention and checked for quality and durability.

As mentioned above, the company is mainly design driven and boasts of an incredible team of designers who come up with unique and interesting light fixtures. These designers take inspirations from everywhere- the natural world, sculptures, architecture and their own innate sense of form and function. Though the company doesn’t believe in taking short cuts and depends on handcrafted products, it also uses advanced manufacturing techniques and equipment to ensure that quality and modernity is maintained. The company manufactures a wide array of products including chandeliers, pendants, mini pendants, semi flush, wall sconces, outdoor lights, accessories, floor and table lamps. This article will only focus on attractive fixtures by Hubbardton Forge and briefly introduce few of their best products.

Following is a list of the best Hubbardton Forge table lamps that have been released in the market. Each lamp is unique from the rest in terms of its design and make. Here’s a brief description on each of them.

• Cavaletti

This table lamp is inspired from a cavaletti that’s used to support and bar horses jump during competitions. Each bar piece used in this particular table lamp is created from heated steel square bars that are drawn out by hand to taper at the end. Once these pieces attain the desired shape, they are interlinked with another manually. A cavaletti table lamp is available in various finishes like mahogany, bronze, black, burnished steel etc. and various shades like doeskin suede, terra suede, natural anna, flax etc.

• Pluto

This table lamp has an interesting story behind it. Back in 2006, when Pluto was demoted from a planet to a dwarf planet, the designers of Hubbardton Forge disagreed with the demotion and designed this glass table lamp in Pluto’s support. The lamps come with both LED and incandescent variants and designed such that the light bulb is shielded by a glass orb from above. The glass orb is a physical representation of their support towards Pluto and is made from either clear glass or opal glass.

• Balance Vintage Platinum

This model is geometrically the most intriguing table lamp. Lines, angles and an orb of steel make up the entire structure and offer a unique perspective to table lamps. Very contemporary and minimal in its look and feel, the balance vintage table lamp has a platinum shade and is available in burnished steel and natural steel finishes. Only LED lighting is available in this variant and the LED bulb comes with a dimming feature.

• Almost Infinity

This fine piece is rightly named “Almost Infinity” since it is shaped to look like a vertical infinity symbol. This lamp is carefully handcrafted to achieve the graceful sweeping curves which make the infinity symbol. The lamp is made from hand forged steel and is available in mahogany, dark smoke and bronze finishes. Both incandescent and LED lighting is available for this table lamp.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are many other beautiful Hubbardton Forge lighting solutions in the market. A few of them are named as follows- Antasia, Stasis, Forged Leaves and Vase, Metamorphic, Metra Double, Cityscape, Manifold, Erlenmeyer, Lino, Moreau and Gallery Single Twist.

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