Decorative Lighting with Minka Lavery

Light plays a very important role in our everyday life. The kind of glow we have in our house greatly affects our mood and therefore it is highly important that we choose the lighting fixtures for our home very carefully. Minka Lavery is the industry leader in the field of decorative lighting and their products are specimen of excellent workmanship and outstanding quality.

We often overlook the lighting aspect when designing the interiors of our house. But the interesting thing is that no matter how gorgeous a house looks, if the brightness is not perfect, it would be hard to appreciate its beauty. Though natural illumination is crucial, but it is the type of light fixtures you install that actually makes or breaks the feel of the room. You should always opt for a mix of various types of fittings to get the perfect ambience. The extensive range of Minka Lavery includes majestic chandeliers and pendants, modern table lamps, sconces and flush mounts to serve your every lighting need.

How to Select Lighting for Your House

Perfect lighting in any room is the right combination of great décor and practical functionality. You can add color, change the feel and create an illusion of space, all by placing the right fittings and at the right places. For example, dark illumination can make a room appear smaller and white glow can help achieve the exact opposite effect. The lighting in the house can be used to highlight some particular elements in the room or just illuminate the entire area for better visibility. There are three main types of lighting needs of any room:

1. Ambient: This is to brighten up and illuminate the entire room. You can use scones and chandeliers to achieve this effect.

2. Accent: This is for highlighting a particular art piece, painting, photograph or emphasizing on a specific structural element in the room.

3. Task: This lighting is required to accomplish a specific task. For example, reading lights near an arm chair, lights on the kitchen counter for cooking, and lights near the bathroom mirror for grooming needs.

4. Mood: These lights are used to create a specific feel or mood in the room. Party lights, romantic candle lights and lava lamps are some of the perfect examples of mood lighting.

Why Choose Minka Lavery?

• They have retail partnerships with more than two thousand lighting showrooms.

• Wide range of products like chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, wall scones, wall art, mirrors, etc.

• Their fixtures are available in a variety of finishes and materials like brass, aluminum, wrought iron, resin and wood.

• With their distribution centers spread around the country, they are capable of supplying their lights to any place in the United States within three days.

Buy a combination of Minka Lavery products for your ambient, accent, mood and task lighting requirements and create the perfect illumination scheme for your house!

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