DVI Lighting for Magical Interior Design

Ambient lighting is a prominent feature found in beautiful residences with impeccable interior design. Be it living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or hallways, lighting fixtures are needed everywhere. But the skill to convert these boring lighting fixtures into attractive interior décor items comes handy to only a few people. Not only these lights bring about a distinctive character to the interiors with different colors and shades, but also turn heads towards them with their unique designs and themes. DVI Lighting is one of those pioneers in the lighting industry of North America which is known for lighting fixtures of unique design and superior quality. Here’s everything you need to know about the Canadian manufacturer’s history and wide range of lighting solutions.

DVI Lighting for Magical Interior DesignHistory of DVI Lighting

DVI Lighting, a Canadian lighting manufacturer and a prominent name in the North American lighting industry, started its humble beginnings in 1968 under the name Dominion Ventures. Started as a small provider of individual solid lighting parts to the lighting manufacturers of Montreal, Dominion Ventures went through a lot of big changes in the next few decades. Adding new capabilities, Dominion Ventures survived the competition of many big box stores from America during the NAFTA period and managed to provide the solid lighting parts undisturbed. It was in 1997 that Dominion Ventures were officially renamed as DVI Lighting and it was DVI Lighting’s first brave steps as a residential lighting distributor in Canada. DVI’s first homegrown designs hit the market in 1999 and since then there has been no turning back for the manufacturer. By 2003, DVI Lighting was a leader in the residential lighting industry in Canada and began expanding its market into the US as well. Today, DVI Lighting is one of the major players in the residential lighting market of North America with administrative offices in Toronto and sales offices in Toronto and Dallas.

DVI Lighting’s Collections

DVI Lighting has an exhaustive collection of lighting fixtures belonging to a wide range of styles and applications. Contemporary, Traditional, Outdoor and Transitional are the four major lighting genres that the manufacturer specializes in. With a dedicated and experienced team behind every lighting fixture manufactured, it is ensured that each unit is unique and value driven to offer utmost service and satisfaction to the users. DVI Lighting is especially known for its ‘thoughtful contemporary’ range of lighting fixtures that are minimal, but enough flamboyant with attractive and modern design elements to make for a truly interesting lighting option, whatever the interior design or whatever the light setting. Having a diverse set of sub-genres under these genres of lighting, many of DVI Lighting’s residential fixtures adapt the look and feel of a Euro-Canadian trend. Also, the manufacturer has lighting fixtures for all parts of a residence, including bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining and outdoor living spaces. Here is a list of the most famous types of lighting fixtures from the manufacturer that have a contemporary edge.

1. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are a symbol of luxury owing to their extravagant design, meticulous details and quality of the materials used. Chandeliers from DVI Lighting are unique from the rest of the chandeliers in the market because they are a unique blend of grandeur and minimalism that come together to form the perfect centerpieces for well-designed, modern homes.

2. Pendants and Mini Pendants

Pendants and Mini Pendants are similar to chandeliers in terms of grandeur but have some major differences when it comes to the way they are hung, range of materials used, design styles and price. Pendants and Mini Pendants are affordable when compared to chandeliers and come in a wide range of design styles, made from an array of materials unlike chandeliers. Pendants from DVI Lighting make excellent lighting solutions for kitchen islands, dining tables, hallways and even living rooms.

3. Track Lights

Tracks lights from DVI Lighting find a wide range of applications in residences, museums, gallery and other places which demand lighting solutions for public display of art works and other show pieces. Following a contemporary design language, these track lights (www.wikihow.com/Choose-Track-Lighting) from the manufacturer are highly functional and are available in a variety of modern designs.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are many other types of contemporary lighting solutions from DVI Lighting including flush mounts, wall sconces, vanity lights, outdoor lights and much more to create magical atmospheres inside modern interiors.

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