Exquisite Wrought Iron Chandelier Range from Hubbardton Forge

The story of this designer lighting brand began more than four decades ago. Since then it continued to grow in popularity by producing design-driven, US made, handcrafted designer lights that could fit into any luxury interior ambience. With environmentally responsible practices and energy efficient options, Hubbardton Forge is now one of the most sought after illumination products. When it comes to metal or wrought iron chandeliers, you cannot find a more gorgeous one than provided by Hubbardton Forge.

Characteristic design and built typical of Hubbardton Forge

Hubbardton Forge is one of the most design savvy lighting brands made in the US. The emphasis on quality, durability and design elements are the strengths of this Vermont based light brand. It is widely acclaimed for its hand-crafted product lines offer an overwhelming range of choices. All lighting fixtures of this reputed brand are hand-forged using mostly raw metal and wrought iron. Besides offering a wide range of lighting products, the brand also has a wide array of customized options including metal finishes, glass-shades and twist of colors. They offer lighting fixtures characteristic of contemporary, fusion and traditional styles.

The visual aspects of chandeliers

Chandeliers grab instant attention. For many design savvy homemakers there is no better way to decorate a room than with Hubbardton Forge chandeliers. Taking artistry, craftsmanship and exclusive design to new heights, chandeliers can offer a variety of interior ambient lighting options. Today, with the addition of modern designs, chandeliers are available in a wide variety of designs, styles and materials. Chandeliers are no longer an expensive affair for decorating mansions and palaces. There are stylish designer chandeliers for every budget, choice and decorative requirements.

Exquisite Wrought Iron Chandelier Range from Hubbardton Forge

Why choose wrought iron for your chandelier?

Wrought iron, thanks to its acclaimed durability, toughness and modern look, can be an ideal material for chandeliers. Compared to most other metals, wrought iron lighting fixtures can last for years. Especially if you stay near the ocean with more exposure to salty air or in a place with increasing air pollution level, wrought iron fixtures can be saved from damage. Most Hubbardton Forge lighting fixtures are tested in different weather conditions to ensure their durability and strength to prevent decay. As far as style is concerned, wrought iron with its typical matte finish fuses both traditional elegance and a hint of cool indifference in its look.

Hubbardton Forge manufacturing process

In the below mentioned overview we will see how from the design stage to the final product development, manual and artistic craftsmanship plays a huge role in building wrought iron chandeliers (www.wisegeek.com/what-are-iron-chandeliers.htm) and other lighting fixtures.

1.  The designer team will produce the design of the chandelier and provide a detailed layout and sketch.

2.  The manufacturing team according to the layout and dimensions cuts raw iron sheet into appropriate sizes.

3.  The raw iron pieces then are soldered together by expert craftsmen as per the design of the fixture.

4.  The soldered wrought iron body is then put into a forge in order to soften the iron for further working on it.

5.  Following the forging process, the iron material is taken to a twisting machine and molded into different shapes.

6.  The iron fixture is then cleaned with the help of a bead blasting.

7.  Following cleaning through bead blasting, the iron fixture is taken to a vibrating machine fitted with ceramic stones for delivering a smooth finish.

8.  Now the iron tubes are welded together to produce the designed fixture.

9.  At this point a powder coating is sprayed over the chandelier fixture and put into oven for a stronger finish.

10.  When the finished chandelier fixture is ready lights and ornamental elements like glasses are fitted on it by craftsmen.

Iconic product line and master craftsmanship

With a manufacturing facility in a small Vermont town, only 225 people are employed to produce a classy and iconic range of lighting fixtures revered all over the world for their exquisite look, feel and quality. The design and development process which involves craftsmanship of skilled artisan and designers is a manual one. This is why each lighting fixture of this brand looks so different from any other machine produced average line of products.  For years it is the passion filled craftsmanship that has produced such stupendous excellence across the product range.

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