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The internet has revolutionized the retail industry just like it has disrupted many other sectors. Online lighting stores are now offering customers an opportunity to peruse new offerings from the comfort of their residences. Brands at all levels are also placing more and more emphasis on online sales and marketing as a means of engaging with the new age consumer. We offer a simple Q&A for prospective buyers who would like to take their lighting purchases online:

How do online lighting stores score over traditional outlets?

Online lighting stores can cater to a very wide audience compared to a brick and mortar store. Niche outlets, especially can reach a very wide customer base on the internet. Lighting in particular has some excellent local and upscale brands like House of Troy, Hubbardton Forge, Hudson Valley Lighting, Framburg Lighting, Holtkotter Lighting and Seagull Lighting which have found a wider audience through online retail. Online lighting stores are also able to get better prices for customers because of lower costs for front end staff and economies of scale with large orders. Successful traditional outlets are transitioning to online lighting stores as well.

How do customers benefit by shopping at online lighting stores?

Customers can easily compare prices across different lighting stores online. The same activity would involve several phone calls and outdoor trips, consuming a lot of time if only traditional lighting stores were considered. Generally, these stores not only offer a wider range of choices, they also ensure the customer can easily compare prices across websites. Customers can look online for recommendations from enthusiasts and satisfied customers before finalizing an online lighting store. The online stores also can quickly update their listings to cater to new lighting trends like rustic lighting and picture lights (, as compared to the traditional stores. Online enthusiasts and new buyers often go through discussion groups and forums to know the latest trends and products in the industry. Volume discounts are also offered to traders or group buyers who may order a large quantity of fixtures to a common address or for outfitting the entire lighting of a home.

Do Customers Get a Warranty on Their Purchases?

Just like traditional stores, online lighting stores have different warranty policies. You can check with the seller before your purchase if the maker’s warranty is available on your purchase. Upscale brands do offer even lifetime warranties on critical components while parts and electronics have time-bound warranties.

Are the Competitive Prices Worth the Time Taken for Delivery?

One advantage that traditional stores have over online stores is that small items are easily purchased and there is very little time taken. However, if you are purchasing for a new home or a detailed renovation, you would be able to plan ahead and order well before time. Some special pieces like chandeliers are made to order anyway, so online stores would give you a better option.

What kind of delivery methods do online stores use?

Online lighting stores use DHL, FedEx, USPS and UPS among others for delivery. Before finalizing your order, you can find out if the seller delivers to your address. Many sites offer free shipping as an incentive for customers.

Do I have to install the fixtures myself?

You can opt to get expert help to install your lighting fixture. If you are comfortable with 6, you can carry it out yourself. Be sure the suspension hook can take the fixture’s weight and your electrical system can handle the additional load of a multi light fixture.

What are my options if I want to return my purchase or the item is damaged in transit?

Before placing an order on the online lighting site, customers need to go through the return policy of the seller carefully. Most sellers allow the return of the items in the original packaging to make a claim with the shipping company. The time period for returns may vary depending on the seller’s policy, so you should contact the seller as soon as you decide to return the item.

How do I Pay for My Order?

Online stores accept payments by Credit Card and PayPal, for added security.

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