LED Track Lights Brings the Most Modern and Efficient Lighting to Your Surroundings

LED track lighting is a set of directional LED lights mounted on a single metal track powered by one power connection. The track can be mounted or suspended from the ceiling with rods or wires. LED track lighting models are sold as H, J and L type systems. They are distinguished by the number of track contacts and spacing between the conductors. While halogen lamps and incandescent bulbs continue to be used, LED lights are in vogue currently. LEDs are popular because of multiple factors. The light is directional in nature and does not need a special reflector. The desired tone, hue and warmth of the beam can be customized with different types of lights. LEDs can last up to four times longer than compact fluorescent lamps and a whopping seven times as much as incandescent lamps do. Finally, they consume less electricity and run cooler than halogen and incandescent lamps.

Where are LED track lights used?

LED track lights are best suited for indoor accent lighting and task lighting more than overall lighting. They are used to emphasize the features of artwork and statuary. The lights can be arranged linearly or in a tree layout. LED track lights also offer the flexibility to mix and match the lights used to change the dimensions and appearance of the fixture. Flood and wall wash lights offer accent lighting, which breaks the monotony of a large stretch of wall. The track and lights are surface mounted so to avoid the feeling of clutter, such systems are best used in rooms with high ceilings. Narrow beams are obtained by fixing the track lighting close to the wall and the farther and higher the lamps are mounted, the wider the beam becomes. LED track lighting (www.wisegeek.net/what-is-led-track-lighting.htm) models are sold as H, J and L type systems. They are distinguished by the number of track contacts and spacing between the conductors. Like LED suspended ceiling lights, these lights can be used both in homes, museums and art galleries for unobtrusive decorative lighting. Some tracks allow the lights to be angled for maximum effect.

Types of LED Track Lighting

LED track lights are available for spot lighting, accent lighting and wall wash applications. The LED output can be dimmed electronically with a built in dimmer. The strength of the beam is determined by the lumen output and the wattage rating. The color temperature of the beam can be pre-ordered as 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K, where K stands for Kelvin. The light beam appears warmer if it has a low Kelvin reading. The beam spread can be customized with diffuser lenses for spot lighting, narrow flood or flood beam. The track lamps can be ordered in a variety of colors like white, black and silver in different finishes like matt, satin nickel and chrome.

Types of Tracks

H, J and L tracks are so named after the lighting companies, Halo, Juno and Lightolier which developed the respective standards. H Type systems are preferred for the versatility provided by using three contacts. The track and connector chosen should match the color and form of the lamps used in the LED tracking lights. The tracks are also available in linear, curved and branched variants. A junction box is either hardwired into the track or the power supply is fed at the ends. Earlier models used to control the lamps on the track by connecting them on separate channels. Newer models make use of DALI (Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface) to control the lights with a single connection. The power line can be fed to the lights from the end of the track or from the middle. In case of power lines fed to the middle, the control box is mounted separately in a canopy on the track or concealed in the ceiling. The lights can be configured to have a dimming option which allows users to control the output level easily.

Tips for Installing LED Track Lights

LED track lights should be installed at least one foot away from the facing wall. These lights are particularly well suited for remodeled spaces as they require minimal mounting compared to fixed installations and recessed lights. Track lighting goes well with contemporary and minimalistic design themes. The total electrical load of the track lights should be kept in mind while installing the fixture so that it does not end up overwhelming the electrical cabling.

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