Make Your House Look Welcoming With Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

A well-lit house appears very warm and welcoming from outside and it is highly important that your driveways, pathways, front entrance and porches are properly illuminated. Though, earlier exterior lighting was the most ignored area of the lighting scheme but now with more and more architects and interior decorators realizing its importance, there has been a wide increase in the type and styles of outdoor lighting fixtures available in the market. In fact, nowadays many big companies like Besa, Crystorama, ET2, LBL, Maxim and Varaluz Lighting have emerged with their specialized range of modern lighting for the outdoor areas.

With such a wide variety of options available, selecting the perfect fitting for your house can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few easy tips that will help you select the appropriate fittings for your home exteriors:

1.  Size

One of the greatest mistakes you can make when picking up the landscape lighting is choosing the fittings that are small in size. The thing is the fittings that you install in the outdoors look half of what they seem in the showroom, when seen from the main street. So, it is advisable that you always pick up a bigger size than what seems right to you. Also, you should give special attention to the light fitting that you have to mount over your front door. It should be the biggest and the fanciest light in the exteriors. The general rule is that if you are installing a single fitting, then it should be a third of the height of the door and if you are installing two fittings, then pick up the fittings that are one-fourth the height of the door.

2.  Style

You should pay careful attention to the important structural elements in your house and make sure that the fittings you have decided upon complement the architectural style of those elements. You should also select the main door fixture first so that you can buy the rest of the fittings to match it.

3.  Height

You should install all your wall mounted fittings in the outdoors a little above the eye level. The general height of the fixtures should be 66 inches above the doorsill for normal doors. However, if your door is larger than the average ones, then it should be installed a little higher.

4.  Amount of Light

In general, your outdoor lighting fixtures should have 60-75 watts of incandescent light or 20 watts of CFL per fitting.  Using brighter lights can cause unwanted glare and take the attention away from the actual fitting.

Some other tips that you can keep in mind while installing exterior fittings are:

•  You should install two identical light fittings on the entrance, one on the either side of the door. If you wish to mount a single big fitting, make sure you do that on the same side as the doorknob or it might create unnecessary shadow on the visitors when opening the door.

•  Your garage lights should match the front door fittings but should be smaller in size. You can even install hanging lanterns on the side of your garage doors.

•  If the light from the front door does not reach the parking area, you can install a post lantern as well. They can also be mounted on the deck area using pier mounts.

One of the major objectives of outdoor lighting ( is security and safety. Your outdoor lighting fixtures illuminate your home exteriors and also increase the aesthetic appeal of the house. So, go ahead and buy some stunning outdoor lanterns and fittings from well-known and reputed companies like Besa, Crystorama, ET2, Maxim, Varaluz, LBL Lighting, and create a beautiful home for yourself!

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