Modern Light Fixtures from Minka Lavery

Homeowners often face a challenge when buying artisanal lighting fixtures- the time taken to fulfil each customer’s order is high because of custom manufacturing and the range is often restricted to a few pieces, forcing the buyer to mix and match between different fixtures. The answer therefore is to find a manufacturer of lighting fixtures that has a wide range of high-quality products that are available easily for buyers from the store or warehouse. Minka Lavery is one of the premium makers of lighting products in America. The firm maintains high quality in its products while also manufacturing them in large quantities. Other than certain custom pieces like chandeliers, the rest of this outfit’s range is easily available at premier lighting stores all over America. The products are made available as ranges with common design language, so each series will have chandeliers, pendants and sconces which go well with each other. Buyers can decorate entire rooms with the different variants in each range and maintain that uniform look which is so highly prized in interior décor.

Minka Lavery is part of the Minka Group of companies based out of California. The Group comprises of brands like George Kovacs Lighting in collaboration with the famed designer as well as Minka Aire, the ceiling fan maker. The Group has grown both organically by extending its original product lines, as well as inorganically by partnerships and acquisitions of designer lighting brands. With a robust delivery infrastructure, the Group has a reach all over the United States. Minka Lavery specializes in upscale interior lighting made with brass, bronze, glass and ceramic. Let’s take a look at the different product types offered by the outfit:


Minka Lavery Chandeliers are classified by size as Grand, Large, Medium and Small. The Grand chandeliers showcase ornate multi-level designs with high end materials like crystal being used to add a touch of elegance. These chandeliers are suitable for ballrooms, atria and manor halls as a centerpiece for the lighting décor. Buyers can choose from Atterbury (12-light), Aston Court (12 and 21-light model) and Bellasera (15-light). The grand chandeliers are available in deep bronze and walnut color shades. Large chandeliers are suitable for the main rooms of large houses. Minka Lavery offers options starting from eight lights going all the way up to 12 lights stacked on multiple levels on the fixture. Raiden range shows definite Asian influences with lightly curving arms and iron oxide finish. Paradox is a beautiful wrought iron- tree-style chandelier without a prominent central column. Aston Court, Atterbury and Bellasera offer more conventional designs. Minka Lavery’s medium-sized chandeliers are great for upscale bungalows. Some of the prominent ranges are Clarte, City Club, Harvard Court and Downtown Edison. These chandeliers are more minimalistic compared to conventionally designed chandeliers and they use the structural elements for the visual impact. Ranges like Salon Grand and Series 9 offer options for buyers who would like to play it safe. Small Chandeliers are suitable for modern houses as replacements for pendant lights. Buyers can choose from Belcaro, Downtown Edison and Nanti among others.


Minka Lavery Pendants are useful to have when lighting up niches, small dining areas or kitchen spaces. They can be used to draw attention to artwork or statuary and can be used singly or in sets. Depending on size, pendants are available in mini, small and large categories. While mini pendants are single-light fixtures, small and large pendants have multiple light sources. Island pendants are an interesting variant on the usual design. Unlike chandeliers which arrange multiple lamps concentrically around a central column, island pendants have the lamps arranged along a horizontal column. They are best suited for lighting kitchen areas and home bar top counters.  Downtown Edison range has a very minimalistic island pendant design which eliminates the shades and superficial elements of conventional designs while using the lamps and spine as decorative elements.

Ceiling Mounted Lights

Ceiling mounted lights are best suited for down lighting. They can be used in low rooms and vestibules where a hanging light might cause a safety hazard. Minka Lavery offers both flush and semi-flush ceiling mounted lights in its different product ranges.

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