Stylish and Innovative Table Lamps by ET2 and Sonneman Lighting

Do you know that lamps are not only a crucial decorating tool, but they are undeniably the most adaptable method of addressing various lighting needs? These lamps look amazing in the corners and enhance the aesthetics of your room. You can even place them in small areas like hallways and lobbies, where there is a limitation of space.

ET2 and Sonneman Lighting are the industry leaders when it comes to table lamps. Sonneman’s innovative designs like Quattro Task Lamp and Connetix lamp and ET2’s contemporary Eco-Task lamps, can give your home a stylish new look. And the best part is that though these lamps are made of exceptional quality materials, still they are very reasonably priced.

Adding table lamps to your interiors can prove to be very beneficial. Here are some of the advantages of investing in some beautiful table lamps:

1.  Table Lamps can appear to give more height to your furniture landscape

2.  They also function as decorative showpieces

3.  These lamps are also used to create additional task lighting

4.  Table lamps also assist in attaining various lighting moods and alter the ambience of any room

5.  As your lamps are movable, they can be placed wherever you want, according to your lighting requirements

6.  They work as a primary light source in small areas like lobbies, small dining rooms and bedrooms

You can find a wide array of lamps in the market. They are available in numerous shapes and sizes, and deciding which lamp will fit into your décor and home interiors can be a little challenging. Here are some points that you should consider before buying table lamps ( for your home.


From slender Eco-Task lamp to wider Connetix Tri-Ped table lamp, you can choose whatever kind of lamp you fancy for your home. However, it is vital that you decide where you want to keep the lamp beforehand. You should pick a petite table lamp for delicate side table, a short lamp for high corner table, and slender tall lamps for low height tables. Similarly, placing a tiny delicate lamp in a room, which is filled with bold furniture, might look awkwardly weird.


Though the lamps that you select are indicative of your personality and preferences, still it is more important to buy ones that complement the interiors and feel of your house. Contemporary Lighting might look out of place in a rustic country home setting. For example, buy contemporary lamp by ET2 Lighting if your home has modern décor and Bel Air Table Lamp from Sonneman for a more traditional feel.


Table lamps serve various functions in a house. It can be used for reading, serve as a night light, can be placed on your work desk, for ambient lighting in the entertainment room, and so on. Therefore, determining the primary reason of using the lamp will also help you make other decisions regarding the size, shade and wattage of the lamp.


Mostly all the lamps come with interchangeable and removable shades. This helps you to alter them according to your requirements. For example, if you prefer having more light in your room, then you should opt for light colored shades and for intimate and subtle lighting, prefer getting shades in dark solid colors.

Light Bulbs

More than anything else, the basic purpose of any table lamp is to provide illumination, hence it is crucial to ascertain whether you want to buy CFLs and LED bulbs or you prefer the conventional incandescent ones.

Here are some tips to help you find that perfect lamp:

•  Make sure that the lamp you are buying is aptly symmetrical. The diameter of the shade of the lamp should be in proportion with the base. It should not be either top heavy or bottom heavy.

•  Ensure that the bottom of the lamp shade is approximately at the same height from the ground as your cheekbone and its light should reflect on the pages well.

•  The wattage of the lamp should be in accordance with the purpose. For example, a reading lamp should offer more than 50 watts of illumination.

One of the major objectives of table lamps is to offer ambient and task lighting. They not only add another dimension to your lighting scheme, but also increase the aesthetic appeal of the house. So, go ahead and buy some stunning table lamps from well-known and reputed brands like ET2 and Sonneman Lighting, and create a gorgeous home for yourself!

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